How to Style Patterns for the Perfect Look

Introducing Patterned Clothing

What’s up, fashionistas? Let me tell you all about one of my favorite trends: patterned clothing. There’s something magical about wearing a crazy print that shows the world you are confident and creative. It’s like an express train to individual style!

A pattern is a design usually made from shapes that are repeated over and over. It often involves colors, lines, and shapes. You can find patterns on blazers, skirts, blouses, dresses, and more. Whether it’s a bold polka dot or hypnotic stripe, patterns add a splash of color and energy to any look.

Not only do patterns look awesome on the outside, they also come with a few major perks. Patterns can help you look slimmer by drawing attention away from problem areas. And they can make you look taller by creating vertical lines. They also add fun and spice to outfits that might feel a little dull. With patterns, it’s easier to take risks and show off your personality.

Basics of Styling Patterns

Ever seen a wild pattern and thought, ‘How does anyone pull off something like that?’ Well, I’m here to tell you that styling patterns isn’t as hard as you think. Whether you’re trying out some new trends or simply creating an eye-catching look, there are a few things to keep in mind as you bring patterns into your wardrobe.

For starters, it’s best to go for balance. You can create a stunning patterned outfit without going overboard – so don’t be afraid to mix and match a few different pieces. You could pair your checkered shirt with a floral necktie, a striped skirt with a paisley blazer, or even some polka dot chinos with an animal print top. Of course, test out which combinations work best for you before committing to the look.

A woman wearing a colorful patchwork dress.

That said, there are plenty of options for patterns out there. The classic stripes, plaid and florals are always a good bet, but there are also on-trend geometric shapes, psychedelic prints and plenty more to choose from. So if you’re feeling adventurous, why not check out something new?

How to Incorporate Patterns into Your Outfit

Ready to make a statement with patterned clothing but don’t know how to incorporate them properly? Don’t sweat it! Here are some tips that’ll have you looking like a style star in no time.

First up, a big rule of thumb when styling patterns: balance. If you’re wearing a bold pattern on your top, opt for something more subtle on the bottom. Mix your shapes and textures too – combining a structured pattern with a softer fabric can give even the busiest print an elegant feel.

When it comes to colors, look for complementary or contrasting shades. Keeping within the same palette is great for a ‘pulled together’ look, but adding a pop of accent color will stand out in all the right ways. A good example of this is wearing a black and white striped blouse with denim jeans – use a red belt to create contrast, and boom – a killer combo!

You don’t have to be confined to just tops and bottoms either – accessories can pack a punch when it comes to pattern play. One of my faves? A scarf. You can wear it around your neck, tie it around your bag or even use it as a headband for festival vibes – the options are endless!

So what’s the takeaway? Have fun with fashion and be brave – after all, it’s just clothes! And if you don’t like the way something looks, try it again a different way. Who knows, you could end up creating your very own signature style!


It’s time to wrap up our conversation about wearing patterned clothing. Let me leave you with a few final tips for styling patterns:

  • Go bold and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Choose complementary colors and textures to create a balanced look.
  • Accessorize with matching or contrasting patterns – the options are endless!

So why not give patterned clothing a shot? With some practice, you’ll be rockin’ those fashionable prints in no time. Now, throw on your favorite outfit and get out there – you’ll own the room!

FAQ on Pattern Styling

Is it okay to wear two patterns?

Absolutely! Wearing two patterns is a great way to break up your look and add some personality. It’s all about pairing the right colors and shapes, so keep it simple and just have fun with it. It’s important to keep the main colors in the patterns similar, so one doesn’t overpower the other. You want to create a balance and accentuate both the colors and their shapes. Keep the shapes similar too, like if you’re wearing a plaid shirt and a striped skirt, be sure the stripes and plaids are different sizes. If you go for a bold look, pick prints with the same color family and pair it up with a neutral piece. The key is to make sure that the patterns look great together and don’t overpower your look. With a little experimenting, you’ll be rockin’ those patterns in no time!

How do you combine clothing patterns?

As someone who has seen their fair share of trends, I can tell you that wearing patterns correctly is key to looking amazing. I often like to mix and match different patterns in interesting ways. You don’t want to go too wild with your patterns, though. Instead, opt for two complementary patterns that draw attention to each other instead of competing for attention.

A great way to find patterns that complement each other is to choose two that have similar colors. For instance, if you wear a light blue gingham shirt, matching it with a navy plaid blazer can create an interesting contrast, yet still look put together. You can also look for patterns that have different textures, such as a tweed blazer with a striped shirt.

If you’re feeling bold, you can also try mixing patterns within the same outfit. For instance, you could wear a floral dress with a striped scarf or a patterned suit with a polka dot tie. The key is to make sure the colors match and that the levels of contrast are balanced. For example, pairing a small pattern with a bigger one or matching a bright pattern with a more muted one.

Remember, when it comes to patterns, the possibilities are endless. Play around with different combinations to find what works for you. Be creative, and have fun!

How do you wear two prints together?

I’m all about rocking two patterns together to create a wow moment. To pull it off, start by choosing a larger, bolder print for your base and let that be the star of your outfit. Then, go for a smaller, more subtle pattern for the rest of your look — think a scarf, a pair of earrings or a cool necklace. Accessorizing with a smaller print will give a hint of extra character, while still allowing your main pattern to take center stage!

When creating an outfit with two bold prints, try to mix and match pieces that have different scales — like a large florals with a mini polka dot, for example. The contrast between the two different sizes will keep your ensemble balanced and visually exciting. You can also wear two prints in the same scale, but opt for pieces that have different color palettes. Like an oversized blue and white striped blazer with a pair of bright yellow plaid trousers.

Another way to create a stylish combo with two prints? Think about how you can combine complementary shapes, like a geometric top with a flowery skirt or a polka dotted skirt with a striped cardigan. And don’t forget about finding pieces that have a little bit of both — like a stripy t-shirt with a few hints of a floral pattern or a gingham blouse with a few dots.

The key to wearing two patterns together? Have some fun and get creative. With the right pieces and a good eye for color and scale, you’ll be well on your way to creating a look that stands out from the crowd.

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